Spiritual Shadowing

"In the end, the Shadows discovered they were the Light."
- Tammy

About Spiritual Shadowing

Spiritual Shadowing is a method of facilitation where clients discover, create and impliment strategies and tools that sustainably support their evolutionary growth.

Working together with clients, we invite their "mind processors" to understand the benefits of identifying destructive patterns and cycles of behaviors through healthier processing This leads to a point of consciously and subconsciously letting go of non-authentic belief systems displayed as sabatoge through fight, flight, freeze and fawn modalities. Letting go allows clients to drop their outdated childhood protection methods and the state of constant anxiety that is often part of the package deal. Through Spiritual Shadowing we uncover the pureness of who we genuinely are and learn to join with this authenticity, live through spiritual connection. and experience a fuller, more relaxed life

Some of the tools and stratigies taught are:

  • Identifying and using Intuition

  • Breath work

  • Universal Laws

  • Tapping(EFT)

  • Visualizations

  • Becoming the Watcher/Observer

  • Body Awareness and Body Scanning Techniques

  • Understanding Signals From your Bodies Energy System

  • Connecting to Authenticity and the Universe

  • Expanding and Sustaining Spiritual Connection

  • Fragment/Generational/Humanity work

  • Spiritual Shadowing Worksheet

  • Spiritual Shadowing Concept Papers

  • Weekly assignments

Spiritual Shadowing work depicts the fact that as we, your unconscious, subconscious and conscious whole and fragmented parts, and I, share healthy concepts in a compassionate and gentle manner, your mind processor can learn to process and implement them in such a way you will build trust within and without the conscious awareness of your self. As this trust builds, your mind will drop the non-authentic protective barrier created in the past to block you from your own spiritual gifts until you are ready to claim them with a spiritually authentic perspective of your human existence and a world you may never dared dream about will unfold for you.

While working together you (as you come to understand how to integrate the concepts) and I will continue to introduce, explore and invite your mind processor to process deeper concepts that will sustainably transform old beliefs systems into Authentic versions of Universal Reality.

In this newly discovered place where you are awakening to your own Authenticity you will see I, and all others, are that which is the background,. We are the Shadows. In turn you come to understand, you, all aspects of yourself, are truly the Light. This is an irrefutable fact in your Authentic state

The concepts we discuss will help you make sense of perspectives that were once destructive, shifting them to become free flowing allowing you to live a life you are creating to the fullest. In this space where we join together in a Spiritual Shadowing relationship you can transform your entire evolutionary journey.

Begin your journey

Begin your journey with a free 15-minute online meet-and-greet session. Text or email me to arrange our first meeting. Make sure you include your name, phone number, and a few open time slots you are available to meet. I will contact you by text to arrange our online meet-and-greet session.

I hope to talk with you soon.

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