Spiritual Shadowing Courses

Courses overview

The courses can be taken privately with regular private session charges or as a group if there is interest and scheduling ability that works. Currently I have three different courses I am offering:

  • 18-to-20-week course: Compilation of the 105 Universal Laws

  • 8-week course: Body Image Course

  • 20-week course: Concepts of Understanding to Accomplish "Letting Go"

Each course session is 50 minutes if done in a private session or 1-hour long if done in a group session. All group courses focus on Spiritual Shadowing subjects and tools. My main objective in each session is to help you learn how to effortlessly create and sustainably maintain higher vibrational frequency emotions and behaviors in everyday life.

Included in the sessions:

  • Visualizations

  • Spiritual Shadowing Worksheet

  • Spiritual Shadowing Concept Documents

  • Universal Laws

  • Body Scanning, Awareness, and Intuition

  • Connecting to Authenticity and the Universe

  • Expanding and Sustaining Spiritual Connection

  • Self-Fragmentation, Generational and Humanity Work


$75 per 50-minute session