About me

About Me

Hi, I am Tammy. I am in my mid 60's, married 45 years, mother of 8 children ages 43 to 20 and grandmother of 15 children. Currently, I am living on the island of Maui with my husband, youngest daughter, Perjia, our grey Persian cat and "T", my 3-year-old white Minature Schnauzer.

I began my "search for peace" when I was 12 years old by going out at night searching the past the stars into the heavens for God and begging him to stop the torturous emotional and spiritual pain I was in or demanding He bring me home.

To relieve the constant suffering I was experiencing I tried being the "good girl", perfect daughter, sister, wife and mother leading me to implode on myself then explode on others.

For decades I alternately withdrew, reading self-help books, praying, meditating, contemplated trying to melt into the background and when I saw that didn't work I ran away, raged and fought with everyone everywhere, about anything and everything, especially myself. I felt like I lived in a world where I was constantly slamming my head into a wall of confusion and grief from which there was never a moment of rest.

Years later, somewhere along the way, life shifted and things started to make sense. The huricane I lived in toned down to a tropical storm as I began to see not only was I the creator of the patterns and cycles that were manifesting the painful existance I was experiencing but I was also the creator who could shift and change them. I was not sure at first how and why the changes were coming to my life nonetheless, I began to have fragments of peaceful moments here and there.

I began to understand a new pattern of identifying my feelings and the illusionary justifying fantasies I made up opened the path to discovering my unmet needs. These unmet needs were waiting to be cared for in a spiritual manner with that which runs the Universal Flow. I kept working to deepen what I later came to understand was my spiritual connection.

Eventually, the pain I had lived with for so long began to slowly transform into a beautiful wisdom. Somewhere along the way I discovered as I shared my evolutionary path with others who thought similarly to me, they, in turn, were able to gain relief and peace also Thus began my mentoring.

Most of my journey thus far has been accomplished through tiny snipits of outside information shared with me and the constant help and support through the personal tutoring of The Universe. I have been influenced by others such as OSHO, Bryon Katie, and the 105 Universal Laws. I spent 8 years sponsoring multiple sponsees every week in the CoDA 12-Step Program (Codependents Anonymous) including the last 3 years sponsoring 15-20 hours a week while working with individuals, siblings, and couples.

It is my desire to continue on my spiritual journey learning as I am lead and sharing the wisdom I gain with those also on a journey. Thank you for your time.

Tammy and T on Maui


Tammy and Michael